Inexpensive gifts for women's on women's day

Top 8 Inexpensive Gifts For Womens| Women’s Day Special

International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration of women’s achievements in the fields of social, economic, cultural, and political empowerment. Women’s fights for gender equality, as we all know, have been a long and inspiring journey. Whether bias is intentional or unconscious, the bias makes women’s journey’s difficult to succeed. #BreakTheBias is this year’s theme, which focuses on building a world free of bias. 

A woman is the true creator of society, whether she is a mother, sister, closest friend, or life partner, on this day, remember to put a smile on her face. Bringing presents to your ladies is a beautiful way to express your gratitude for their struggles throughout their life; yet, there is so much more to give than luxury or pricey items. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of less expensive gift ideas for women’s day 2022.

Stationery Products

Women have such a different affection for stationery products; they enjoy collecting unique and attractive stuff. One may also use stationery as an alternative to digital communication. It is also worth mentioning that new stationery always gives motivation and a sense of new beginnings and hopes.

Inexpensive gifts for girls
Cute Journals From Artworm, Source

It’s one of the inexpensive present ideas that might make your woman happy. The above diary is part of Artworm’s unique collection. This diary cover might give you a warm glow in your eyes.  Check out the rest of the Artworm’s stationery collection. 


To stop the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), face masks are suggested as part of personal protective equipment. Masks are now frequently given as gifts to express your concern for someone’s health and safety. The mask is from another of the less costly gifts. 

masks for women for gifts
Mask Collection

A woman is always on the lookout for a mask that is both attractive and protective against viruses. Giving them a beautiful mask for Women’s Day is a great way to solve their mask-finding dilemma!

Isn’t it beautiful? This is again from the Artworm collection and also worth purchasing. It comes with a multi-layer protective system, is made of 100% pure cotton, soft elastic, and also washable mask you can definitely go for it.


Painting promotes stress relief while also providing a relaxing, open environment. Paintings are an excellent gift option since they ensure that the art will be easily displayed and loved. This gifting idea would attract an artistic mind. 

Are you looking for an original work of art but it’s out of your price range? Well, as this is a blog about less costly gift ideas, simply search for unique paintings in Artworm’s collection and you’ll quickly discover the most cost-effective alternative.

Artworm Painting Collection, Source

The above painting is famous from the Artworm collection and is highly worth purchasing! No matter how beautiful it is by itself, a proper frame is the best way to present art.

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Lucky plants

Giving lucky plants as a gift is the finest option for one’s life since these plants are healthy, growing plants that bring money and good luck when planted in the right places. 

There are also Lucky Flowers, which provide calm to one’s surroundings and may draw positive energy. It’s easy to forget about your worries while you’re watching those flowers bloom! 

This is the ideal present to offer on this day since it illustrates to your woman how you can be free and flourish all the time while maintaining a positive attitude.

Lucky Plants

There are several Lucky plants, flowers, and herbs including Tulsi, Bamboo plant, Jade plant, Money plant, Orchid, Peace lily, Jasmine, Mint, Sage, Lemon balm, and more. These are all affordable, and you can purchase them from your local nursery or order them online!

Handicraft Items

Moving on to the next gift idea, it is very nice and inexpensive, and most of the women enjoy viewing them as décor in their home, so don’t wait and gift them immediately. However, there are many different handicrafts to choose from, so which one you should buy?

Hand-crafted Items

It is the ideal way to beautify your interior, such as purchasing a handcrafted clock that enhances the beauty of your wall. Door hangings, sequins, macrame, and Beautiful Idols are examples of decorative handicraft materials.

Skincare Hamper

This gift idea can never go wrong, almost all women are concerned about their skin, and if you gift them a basket full of skincare products such as Moisturiser, lip balms, cleansers, toners, face wash, soap, body wash, and more then they will be delighted.

Skincare Hamper

You can ask for their skincare preferences or what kind of products they use. Buy and surprise your girl with the finest five skincare products that are less expensive or affordable, like Himalaya, SkinKraft, Patanjali, Mama Earth, and Biotique skincare products.


This is a classic gift idea that will never go out of fashion! Nowadays, there are wide varieties of bags to choose from, which are mostly affordable and easy to get. It is a must-have item because of its beauty and utility. 

Bags For Women’s

Let’s explore some of the most trendy bags:

  • Baguette Bag: The baguette bag is a small bag with a little handle or sling. Because of its design, this bag is named after a sort of long and narrow bread called a baguette.
Baguette Ba
  • Fanny Pack: This is a little pouch or bag that is linked to a belt that is wrapped around the waist. It’s also known as a belt bag. A belt bag is one of the most comfortable bags to wear when jogging, cycling, or styling outfits.
Fanny Pack
  • Satchel Bag: This is a rectangle bag with a flap that closes with a single or double buckle at the front. They’re fantastic handbags that fit comfortably in the crook of your arm.
Satchel Bag
  • Handbag: This bag is good for carrying items and is large enough to hold all of your belongings. They’re available in a variety of brilliant colors and stunning designs.
Handbag For Women’s


Reading novels can help you to live a happier life! It has several benefits, like improving your creativity, thoughts, and imagination; the most essential advantage is that it enhances vocabulary; and, most importantly, it improves your concentration power. Giving novels as gifts on Women’s Day will once again be the best and most cost-effective option.

Give her the right novel so she will be encouraged to never give up and to always be positive, and if she’s the one who loves reading novels then give her favorite author’s book.

Here we are suggesting you best three novels to give as a present that will truly change one’s life by providing in-depth information and sources of inspiration one who reads them will undoubtedly succeed in life and develop into a highly competent and very well individual. 

The Art Of Thinking Clearly

By Rolf Dobelli
The Art Of Thinking Clearly

Ashok and the Nine Unknown

By Anshul Dupare
Ashok And The Nine Unknown



By Sadhguru
Karma, By Sadhguru



In this blog, we’ve suggested the top 8 amazing ideas to gift your woman on Women’s Day 2022, and yes, all of them are affordable. Embrace your special woman with wonderful presents!! Happy Women’s Day, I hope you find this blog helpful, thank you.

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