Scope of Graphic Designing As a Career In 2022

The World’s Graphic Industry is booming and growing every year at a splendid rate. In the year 2020, the graphic industry of India saw a huge leap in its overall demand and grew up to a whopping 188.32 billion INR. Many statistics and research show that graphic designing is one of the most promising jobs in 2022.

A Graphic Designer or artist creates aesthetically eye-pleasing images that accompany the written text. Illustrators are artists who use their skills to create original images for printed and digital products. They work hand in hand with the clients as well as the marketing team to turn ideas and printed media into inspiring and creative illustrations.

History of Graphic Designing

The history of Graphic Design scales back to 38,000 BCE. Its origin is said to be early cave paintings. Specifically, the structures of animals, weapons, and references to poaching shaped, along with handprints too. The evolution began with language and the visual representation of the alphabet. Pictographs and symbols became prime at this stage.

Now, knowledge started spreading around the world, which gave rise to one of the greatest inventions of humans, which is, Printing. Sir Johannes Gutenberg introduced mass communication to Western culture in 1439. People were no longer dependent on lengthy processes as the work shifted to the Gutenberg Press. Since then, the use of designs for commercial purposes has gripped its speed giving birth to advertising along with Graphic Design.

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Later on, the first Graphic Design Agency, Wiener Werkstatte, was established in 1903. William A. Dwiggins, a typographer, soon coined the term ‘Graphic Design’ in 1922. Graphic Design soon became a full-fledged subject that requires practice, skill, research, and studies for being mastered.

Present Graphic Design Market

In today’s world, the market of Graphic Designers is expanding as fast as it could have. 2020 was a tough year and we all were locked in our homes, which means, people started spending more & more time on social media platforms, eCommerce sites, and streaming platforms.

As much as we saw many businesses and workplaces being shattered in the last few times, numerous social media brands, creators, and startups elevated the market with their ideas matching the new trends of the world.

During this, social media branding and advertising have been exorbitant. Creative ads, videos, animations, and illustrations have always been eye-catching for the customers. Hence, the field of Graphic Design saw an enormous increase as every brand started approaching skilled people.

This is resulting in rapid growth in the global Graphic Design market size which evaluated to $153.2 billion in 2018, expected to grow by nearly 13% by 2022, making the market size $249.5 billion. Since 2014, we saw a good growth rate of 11.6% in the global Graphic Design market. 

Is Freelancing The Future of Graphic Designing?

The Graphic Design industry generated a revenue of $15 billion in the year 2019, and every 9 out of 10 graphic designers are freelancers. Freelancers have occupied the market with almost 90% of the share. The median pay for graphic designers has been $25.05 per hour, amounting to INR 1,841.

Stats on Graphic Designing

Achieving this level of income is partly difficult, you need to gain a lot of experience as well as build your portfolio side by side to quote such gigs to your clients. Though this field requires an investment of effort and time, it is worth it once you build a client base for whom you work on a regular. Through Graphic Design, you construct a huge network, including businesses and respected individuals in the field.

Also, the average age of a graphic designer as of now is 40.5 years worldwide. But, this stat is going to change drastically in the upcoming years as more and more young people have started practicing it. Many people commenced it as a side hustle, but many people now make a living from it.

Top 5 Universities For Graphic Designing

Many courses and universities have come up in the last few years providing quality education in the field of Graphic Design.

Some of the top universities where one can pursue it and make it a career out of it are:

  1. Royal College of Art (London, UK)
  2. University of the Arts London (London, UK)
  3. Parsons School of Design (New York City, USA)
  4. Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, USA)
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA)

Top 5 universities for graphic design
Top 5 Universities For Graphic Designing

In India, the top universities for pursuing Graphic Design are:

  1. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  2. Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay
  3. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi
  4. Pearl Academy (Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur)
  5. MAEER’S MIT Institute of Design, Pune
  6. Indian School of Design and Innovation, Mumbai


All in all, the Graphic Design industry is booming and will continue to boom in the upcoming years. Plenty of businesses has started hiring specialist graphic designers to create better advertisements and content.

As of now, there are 16,823 businesses in the graphic design market, that too just in the US alone. Also, many new companies and startups have emerged looking to provide professional graphic designing services to their clients. Hence, there is a whole lot of scope in the coming years for our new budding graphic designers.


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