7 things to know about art prints

Is Art Print Worth It? Where To Buy Them?

Why are art prints so popular nowadays? The most appropriate reason is that the artist may distribute high-quality prints of their unique artwork to a much larger audience. Investing in original artwork can be expensive, but purchasing a high-quality art print of original artwork is one of the most cost-effective options! 

Art prints can be made on a range of materials and use a variety of printing, a method of transferring ink from an ink matrix to a sheet of paper or another substance. 

This blog will cover what you should know about art prints, including print materials, benefits, canvas art prints, poster prints, where to get art prints, and more.

What are the materials used to make art prints?

As we all know, the paper used in art prints is quite significant, and it was carefully selected for compatibility with digital printers.

The Fine Art Paper is acid-free and lignin-free, and it generates high-resolution photos, making it the best for print quality. The paper is 230gsm thick, which is about equivalent to three sheets of regular photocopy paper.

Glossy and semi-gloss materials are ideal for printing photos with rich colors. Matte papers, which give a smoother finish that flatters skin tones, are an excellent choice for photographers who want to make fine art black-and-white prints. Giclee printing is the ideal printing process on watercolor paper since it is textured and thicker than fine art paper.

Difference Between Art Print and a Poster

Is there any similarity between an art print and a poster?

No, art prints are considerably better than posters in terms of quality, although posters and art prints have a lot in common. The main difference between the two is that wall posters are frequently printed in huge quantities on low-cost paper, whereas fine-art prints are created on high-quality paper with detailed color reproduction.

If we compare an art print to a photographic print, art prints are made on 100% pure cotton paper, whereas images are printed on archival Kodak Endura paper.

Best way to make canvas Art Prints

Images are printed on canvas, then stretched or gallery-wrapped into a frame and displayed. Printed canvas can be used to imitate various art forms or as the result of art creation. When it comes to canvas printing prices, it all relies on the size of the canvas.

Due to the texture on canvas, canvas prints add depth to the photo, giving it a 3D appearance. You should expect the same if the original image is a painting. A-frame called a Gallery wrap canvas is required for hanging on the wall. Compared to gallery wrap canvas, rolled canvas is both unframed and inexpensive.

Why art print is a good choice?

Art prints may now be seen everywhere, from restaurants to pubs, and from homes to offices. They are important in interior design since they serve to beautify the space.

The main benefit of art prints is that they allow the artist to continue earning money even if the original artwork is not sold. Art prints, as we’ve already discussed, allow more individuals to have access to a single piece.

Art prints allow what may be a more comfortable price point for buyers wishing to buy a reproduction. It also allows the artist to release different sizes of a piece should they choose to.

Where to buy fine art prints?

We recommend that you get top-of-the-line fine art prints for a very reasonable price and with the excellent printing quality.

Fruit Art Print, Artworm
Invasion, by Artworm

This is just an interior decor masterpiece material. These are some stunning illustrations of the artworm’s collection that you can purchase to decorate your room, office area, and more.

Ancient Artistry, Artworm
Blue door, Artworm

The above images are from Artworm’s home decor collection; decorate your space with these incredible art prints at a low cost.  The cost for these Artworm art prints varies since they are framed. We also provide 2wcanvas and unframed art prints, with prices varying according to size.

Art prints online in India


As we’ve discussed our art prints and their quality, you can now go to our website and look at those wonderful art prints and purchase them to decorate your house, restaurant, office, or anywhere else!

Link –  https://artworm.co.in/product-category/art-prints/ 

This website sells art prints at a reasonable price and embodies the idea of frugality and simplicity.

Many designs are available in various sizes as framed, unframed, and canvas prints at Artworm.

Other sites

You can also check these sites to buy online Art prints

Artevenue, link: Arte’Venue 

Printo, link: Printo.in

Kulture shop, link: kultureshop.in

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