The name ‘ARTWORM’ itself suggests that we are Lovers of Art.

It all started with us randomly waking up after an evening nap, or better say, woken up with sheer enthusiasm. Following a simple idea of making our art recognizable and using it in different objects was the decisive moment.

Artworm is a place created by a few art-lovers for every art enthusiast out there. 🎨 It is a collective effort with the idea of bringing different artists and sustainable small businesses under one roof by providing them an integral platform✨.

At Artworm, we are making each of our products fun to use and aesthetic to the eye by adding a little glimpse of inspiration and artistry to it. Not only this, we support local artists as well by accepting their works and introducing their artistic minds to the world.

-Founders: Vaishnavi Balodi & Tanesh Balodi

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