5 best rakhi gift under 500 rupees

5 Best Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan Under 499 INR

Raksha Bandhan is coming, Raksha means protection, whereas Bandhan is the verb to tie, thus both words mean “the tie or knot of protection”. Rakhi is celebrated as a thread that a sister ties around his brother’s wrist for his good health and safety, and as a sign of goodwill, the brother gives the sister a gift.

But what kind of present is ideal for your sister? In this blog we are going to explore the 5 best gift ideas for rakhi 2022 let’s check them out!

Artworm’s Accessories Collection

In today’s time, every girl is obsessed with accessories, they can wear them in casuals, traditional, and even formals. In Artworm’s collection, you will find handcrafted earrings fashioned in the crochet style. The color is vibrant which can go with any look.

In Artworm’s collection, the handcrafted earrings which are made of thread are definitely a long-lasting material, in comparison to accessories made of materials like brass and plastic electroplating, which rust quickly.

 However, if you look at our pricing range, you’ll realize that they are affordable compared to other handmade products. Keep in mind, that the Rakhi sale is going on so grab now and get up to 40% off. Check out the link for Artworm’s accessories collection: https://artworm.co.in/product-category/accessories/ 

Treat Hamper

Who says no to a treat hamper? Treat hamper is another best present to gift on Raksha Bandhan. Basically, it is a basket full of treats like chocolate, cheese snacks, cookies, candies, sweets, choco snacks, energy drinks, cold drinks, juice, and more. 

If you are having trouble finding those hampers cause they are also not cost-friendly then you can simply customize them by yourself. All you need is a basket, all the delicious items which your sister likes, and a little bit of decoration, and you are done with a pretty basket of love. Gift this hamper to her and capture your memorable moments!

Artworm’s Mask and Stationery

The duty of a brother is to protect her sister throughout their life! In this covid era, we really care for you and your style! Check out Artworm’s amazing mask which has two layers, is breathable, and will highly protect in this festive season! As covid cases are rising again, giving your sister a mask will display the genuine protection you provided. Also, the rakhi knot is believed to guarantee the brother’s protection, so grab now to give her a present and in a sense, shield her from coronavirus. Link: https://artworm.co.in/product-category/masks-2/ 

Stationery is never out of fashion, it even doesn’t matter what your age is! Our stationery has a different vibe, its design and the quality of the pages are really good you can purchase it with a full guarantee. Also, the price range is affordable for colorful masks and stationery products.

And yes, girls really love cute and aesthetic products so, buy now and gift her on the festive of love! Link: https://artworm.co.in/product-category/online-stationary/

Haircare & Skincare Product

Girls do care about their hair and skin, they always get worried when their hair growth stops or when pimples pop up on the skin! But Haircare & skincare product is the easiest gift you can find in any nearby store or order online.

Gifting such a present will make your sister happiest cause this is such worth money buy! Mamaearth, Wow, Skinkraft, and Himalaya are some brands that have skincare as well as hair care products, you can check them out and buy some goodies.

Air Purifying Plant

This is another worth present to gift on Raksha Bandhan! Air purifying plants are the catcher of negativity on the environment, they can pure air as well as pure the mood, it is said that they can reduce stress in your surroundings, and they also recover one’s mental tiredness. Artworm’s suggestions for Air purifying plants are Gerbera daisy, Bamboo Palm, and Peace Lily.

The gifting plant will change the interior of the room as it looks better than before! Go to your nearest nursery and buy now.

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